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  • What’s for Dinner II

    [No prurient photos along with this posting] In College, my favorite professor was an anthropologist, Earl Count by name, lately deceased, who also held a divinity degree. One of his hobby-researches was into the practice of placentophagia. The dots Count connected were these: 1. the abrupt transition from the pregnant state to the post-partum state […]

  • Caught in the Act

    [left-click on any image to enlarge it] Now that the rampage of year-end feasting has subsided, I take time to consider the spectacular Chinese art of eating. Not of cooking, of eating. First of all disabuse yourself of your mother’s admonition that what goes into your mouth is not intended to come out. Your mother […]

  • Sake Socialism

    [mouse click on a photo to enlarge it] If you are fortunate, as I am, to have a friend and former scientific colleague willing to show you the sights in Tokyo, I suggest allotting equal time to some quiet, far-from-Ginza sashimi bar as to the glitz itself. Perhaps it was the sake more than the […]

  • Supper was…

    [mouse click on a photo to enlarge it] …a small fish, perch, more or less, steamed in a wok with ginger, scallions and beer, and still swimming 30 min before I ate him. A Chinese would have recognized it as authentic, if a little amateurish. How they manage to wield a clever to deliver such […]